Additional Harvest Lots


EVIO Labs ODA Pre-Harvest Hemp Testing

Additional Harvest Lots

Licensed & Accredited Hemp Crop Certification in Oregon

Order your ODA pre-harvest hemp testing with EVIO Labs and cCertify additional hemp harvest lots alongside your primary hemp crop certification! EVIO Labs provides ODA pre-harvest hemp testing & sampling that meets all state-mandated requirements.

We are:

Licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) under ORS 475B.560

Accredited by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) pursuant to ORS 475B.565 to sample and test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

To request sampling and testing of your additional lots, complete and submit this Industrial Hemp Sampling Request.

Select at least one

Select One

Acres or Square Feet

IMPORTANT: This Field ID/Name must be the same ID or Name, at the same location, as registered with the ODA.

In addition to “Field Name,” a “Harvest Lot” designation shall be used when more than one “Harvest Lot” is located on the same “Field Name” (i.e. “Harvest Lot A”). Additional sample requests must be made for each harvest lot.

From approximately the center of your harvest lot or door of greenhouse, and in decimal format (ie 45.123456; -123.456789)

Describe this location of the harvest lot to be sampled such that the growing area is apparent from a visual inspection of the premises and is easily discernable from other harvet lots.

Provide an aerial map, oriented north, depicting the grow site of the harvest lot showing at least one prominent feature (road, building, etc.). We suggest using an aerial image of your harvest lot from google maps. If you don’t have one, please follow the link to google maps located below in “Additional Information”.

(max file size 32 MB)

I request pre-harvest sampling and testing of my Industrial Hemp harvest lot(s) as described in my Harvest Lot Sampling Request Description(s) for THC analysis in accordance with OAR 603-048. Sampling and testing must comply with all requirements of OAR 603-048 including all Exhibits and forms.

I request Industrial Hemp sampling and testing for this number of harvest lots.

I certify that I am the above stated person, and that I have the authority to request sampling and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sampling may only occur when flowers are present on the plants. Sampling must take place no more than four (4) weeks (28 days) prior to harvest. 

YOU MUST COMPLETE EVERY SECTION OF THIS FORM. Incomplete or illegible forms shall be returned and shall not be accepted until deficiencies are corrected.

Complete one request per {tooltip}Harvest Lot{end-text}A Harvest Lot means a quantity of industrial hemp harvested within a distinct time frame that is:
–  Grown in one contiguous field or growing area; or
–  Grown in a portion or portions of one contiguous field or one growing area.
Does not include a quantity of industrial hemp comprised of industrial hemp grown in noncontiguous fields, noncontiguous growing areas. as defined by OAR 603-048-0010 (9).{end-tooltip}