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EVIO Labs reports on multiple cannabinoidsEVIO Labs is the nation’s most trusted provider for cannabis potency testing – leading the industry in methodologies and exceeding mandated standards in applicable states. We currently report at least these cannabinoids:

Learn more about all 17 cannabinoids our family of labs test for and their effects!
with the primary focus for hemp and CBD products having THC levels less than 0.3%. All other cannabinoids contained within the Certificate of Analysis are for informational use only.

Advanced Cannabinoid Profiling availableOur advanced cannabinoid profiling provides potency results in greater detail by lowering our limits of quantification.

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Our advanced cannabinoid profiling provides potency results in greater detail by lowering our limits of quantification.The limits of quantification (LOQ) determine the lowest detection limit of the cannabinoid concentration level. These are generally set to federal or state mandated guidelines, which are often at levels higher than our instruments can naturally detect.

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