EL Pesticides

Pesticides commonly used in cannabis and hemp cultivation are potentially dangerous and pose health risks — the greatest danger occurring with chronic exposure to pesticide residue which is toxic at high levels and harmful at lower doses. Reassure your customers by testing your products for potentially harmful chemicals including insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, and other compounds. Our scientifically validated and comprehensive testing methods rely on state of the art triple-quadripole mass spectrometry instruments to positively identified harmful contaminants.

EVIO Labs Oregon (Portland & Medford) screens for 59 pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
Limits below in parts per million.
Chemical Class Trade Names Toxicity* OR Limit
Abamectin Insecticide Avid PT370, Ascend, Fire Ant Bait II 0.5
Acephate Insecticide Orthene III 0.4
Acequinocyl Miticide, Acaricide Shuttle III 2
Acetamiprid Insecticide Tristar, Assail II 0.2
Aldicarb Insecticide, Nematicide Temik I 0.4
Azoxystrobin Fungicide Zeneca Heritage,Abound, Amistar, III 0.2
Bifenazate Insecticide Floramite IV 0.2
Bifenthrin Acaricide, Insecticide Biflex, Capture, Talstar II 0.2
Boscalid Fungicide Emerald, Endura, and Pristine IV 0.4
Carbaryl Insecticide Sevin II 0.2
Carbofuran Insecticide, Nematicide Furadan I 0.2
Chlorantraniliprole Insecticide Durivo III 0.2
Chlorfenapyr Pyrrole Pylon III 1
Chlorpyrifos Organophosphate Duraguard, Dursba, Lorsban II 0.2
Clofentezine Tetrazine Miticide Ovation SC II 0.2
Cyfluthrin Pyrethroid Baythroid, Decathlon, Tempo I 1
Cypermethrin Pyrethroid Insecticide Ammo, Cymbush, Demon III 1
Daminozide Plant growth regulator Alar, Kylar, DMASA, SADH, B995 IV 1
Diazinon Organophosphate Spectracide II 0.2
Dichlorvos Organophosphate DDVP, No-pest, Vapona I 0.1
Dimethoate Organophosphate Cygon II 0.2
Ethoprophos Insecticide, Nematicide Mocap, Holdem Nematicide I 0.2
Etofenprox Pyrethroid, Insecticide Trebon, Vectron, and Boxer IV 0.4
Etoxazole Insect Growth Regulator TetraSan III 0.2
Fenoxycarb Carbamate Award, Logic, Preclud, Precision IV 0.2
Fenpyroximate Pyrazole Acaricide Fugimite, Akari, Protal III 0.4
Fipronil Phenylpyrazole Insecticide Fipronil Technical, Cipco Choice II 0.4
Flonicamid Pyridine Aria III 1
Fludioxonil Phenylpyrrole Fungicide Celeste, Switch, Palladium III/IV 0.4
Hexythiazox Ovacide, Insecticide Hexygon Savey IV 1
Imazalil Fungicide Freshgard, Fungaflor, Nuzone II/IV 0.2
Imidacloprid Neonicotinoid Insecticide Provado, Admire, Marathon, Merit, Trimax III 0.4
Kresoxi Methyl Strobilurin Fungicide BAS 490, Cygnus IV 0.4
Malathion Organophosphate Cythion III 0.2
Metalaxyl Phenylamide Ridomil, Subdue, Apron, Proturf III 0.2
Methiocarb Carbamate Grandslam Mesurol II 0.2
Methomyl Carbamate Lannate I 0.4
Methy Parathion Organophosphate M-Parathion, Penncap-M I 0.2
MGK-26 (OR) Synergist in >1,000 pesticides IV 0.2
Myclobutanil Triazole Fungicide Rally III 0.2
Naled Organophosphate Dibrom I 0.5
Oxamyl Carbamate Vydate I 1
Paclobutrazol Triazole Fungicide Pac-Low, Clipper IV 0.4
Permethrin Synthetic pyrethroid Ambush, Atroban, Dragnet, Astro II/III 0.2
Phosmet Organophosphate Imidan, Prolate II 0.2
Piperonyl Butoxide Synergist Found in combination with pyretherins IV 2
Prallethrin Pyrethroid Insecticide Various flying insecticide brands II 0.2
Propiconazole Fungicide PropiMax IV 0.4
Propoxur Carbamate Baygon II 0.2
Pyrethrins Insecticide Various 1
Pyridaben Pyridazinone pesticide NA III 0.2
Spinosad Insecticide, Actinomycete Tracer, Spintor, Justice, Conserve SC III 0.2
Spiromesifen Tetramic acid insecticide Judo, Forbid III 0.2
Spirotetramat Tetramic acid insecticide Movento, Ultor IV 0.2
Spiroxamine Morpholine KWG, Impulse, Prosper IV 0.4
Tebuconazole Triazole Fungicide Torque III 0.4
Thiacloprid Chloronicotinoid Insecticide Calypso, YRC-2894 III 0.2
Thiamethoxam Neonicotinoid Flagship, Meridain, Platinum, Actara III 0.2
Trifloxystrobin Fungicide Flint, Stratego,Compass IV 0.2