EL Terpenes

Terpenes are the tango of scent and flavor that bring cannabis and hemp to life with their varied caadence and provoking notes. EVIO Labs uses headspace gas chromatography to quantify the aromatics of your product. Using our Gas Chromatographer with Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID), means we provide the most comprehensive and accurate testing available anywhere.

EVIO Labs Berkeley reports on the following terpenes:



(-)-α-Bisabolol Floral and peppery
Borneol Musky mint and woody
Camphene Herbal and woody, hints of spicy citrus
Camphor Minty and herbal
0-3-Carene Sweet and sour with forested undertones
Caryophyllene Oxide Fresh, sweet and peppery
1-, trans-Caryophyllene Spicy and peppery, with citrus notes
Cedrol Musky, sweet cedar
Eucalyptol Eucalyptus, minty and herbal
Farnesene Herby citrus and lavender
Fenchone Musky, earthy cedar
Endo-Fenchyl Alcohol Sweet lemon forest
Geraniol Sweet floral and citrus
Geranyl acetate Floral and lavender wine barrel
(-)-Guaiol Woody rose tea
Hexahydrothymol (Menthol) Cooling peppermint
α-Humulene Woody and spicy
Isoborneol Musky, minty forest
Limonene Sour, citrus pine
Linalool Woody and floral with blueberry notes
1-Myrcene Spicy, musky pepper
Nerol Heavy sweet floral
cis-Nerolidol Waxy floral
trans-Nerolidol Fresh, woody floral
trans-, cis-Ocimene Warm and sweet herbal
α-Phellandrene Deep pepper with citrus notes
α-, (-)-(1)-Pinene Sweet woody earth
(+)-Pulegone Fresh, cooling peppermint
Sabinene Deep spicy citrus forest
Sabinene hydrate Fresh minty eucalyptus
α-, ƴ-Terpinene Sweet and musky citrus pine
Terpinolene Lemon-lime pine forest
α-Terpineol Cooling lemon-lime pine forest